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Andrew Cunning is a theologian living and working in Belfast, NI. 


Andrew's research, writing and teaching rest at the intersections between literature and theology, politics and religion, and how these interfaces connect with actual people. His first book, Marilynne Robinson, Theologian of the Ordinary, was published in 2020 by Bloomsbury.

Andrew has a PhD in Literature and Theology, and has been widely published as a writer and academic. His work appears in Literature and TheologyChristianity and Literature; The Irish Times and  Andrew regularly speaks and teaches in Northern Ireland on a range of topics and issues, from Bible reading to Joni Mitchell. 

There is a huge appetite for accessible (in every sense) theological education and exploration. If you are keen to engage with a little theology at whatever level, you might well find something useful here. Together we might stumble on some really liberating ways of thinking. 


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Andrew's first book, Marilynne Robinson, Theologian of the Ordinary is the first full study of Marilynne Robinson's theology and investigates the potential of 'the ordinary' as a basis for a fully fledged theology. It investigates the Americanness of Robinson's work and constructs a distinctly Robinsonian theology of grace, self and language. The book is the basis for the public course 'Marilynne Robinson: Rethinking Theology, Embracing the Ordinary.'

"It is a careful, intelligent, original book, a really significant contribution to the understanding of this remarkable thinker and storyteller.” 

–  Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury



Andrew has delivered public talks and workshops across NI and beyond on a wide variety of themes and ideas. To encourage engagement in accessible theological thinking, he is launching a monthly workshop series beginning in January 2022.


Join Andrew for the monthly workshop online on the last Sunday of each month (8-9). Click below for the schedule for the first half of 2022.  



Andrew has taught American literature, critical theory and Liberal Arts at Queen's University Belfast and the University of Limerick. He is currently lecturing in Theology at Trinity College Dublin. 

Andrew is facilitating and teaching a variety of public courses in 2022, and you would be very welcome to join in! Click below to see the course outlines and schedule for the year ahead. 



The Underneath is a documentary podcast exploring NI evangelicalism featuring interviews and commentary from politicians, theologians, psychotherapists and people with lived experience of NI Protestantism.

Episodes 1-3 are out now!

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