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Marilynne Robinson: Re-thinking Theology, Embracing the Ordinary

The Course

The next Marilynne Robinson Courses will commence in February 2022.

Wednesdays 7.30 -9 (GMT) 23rd February - 30th March.

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Reading Marilynne Robinson is life changing and vision altering. In this course Andrew Cunning takes participants through Robinson's work from Housekeeping (1980) to Jack (2020) with a focus on Robinson's remarkable contribution to an ancient and sacred conversation.

We explore the theological significance of the ordinary, debate the ethics of predestination and seek Robinson's wisdom on the intersections between religion and science; politics and literature; race and the Bible. 
No previous experience of Robinson is necessary, so long as participants are prepared to read her work as we go. The course is a blend of academic inquiry and childlike exploration of beautiful things, and the only prerequisite is curiosity.


Session 1: What is Theology?

Session 2: Housekeeping and the Ordinary. 

Session 3: Gilead, Language and God

Session 4: What Makes a Person?

Session 5: Home, Predestination and Grace 

Session 6: Robinsonian Theology in our Context 




This course is the only one of its kind, and is a deep-dive into Robinson's theology in both novel and essay. Andrew is an expert on Robinson's work and thinking, and this course is based on his book, Marilynne Robinson, Theologian of the Ordinary. Be ready to have your perception of the world totally changed and enriched by one of our greatest writers (Marilynne Robinson, not Andrew....). 


Cost: £85

Delivery: six 90 minute discussion sessions and six weeks of video talks delivered each week ahead of the facilitated discussion. 

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